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The current situation:

The fact that Michigan lawmakers have proposed three sports betting bills is obviously an important step, but the road ahead is long. On the bright side, if these bills pass, sports betting will be legal in person, as well as on mobile devices. So far, things are looking bright as the regulatory committee that took the first look at the bill supported the initiative with a crushing 11 – 2 vote.

If this initiative gains further traction, punters will be able to bet on their favorite sports at one of the many casinos scattered across Michigan. There are more than two dozen such establishments statewide, with most of them being Native American casinos. These casinos that will allow clients to bet on sports will obviously be subject to a tax on their betting revenue. There are differences between the amounts that commercial casinos and tribal casinos will pay, with the latter to enjoy slightly better terms.

This is the first and most important sports betting bill, but the state of Michigan is following through with two complementary bills. Essentially, these will create the legal framework in which land-based casinos will be allowed to offer sports betting to their members. They will also state the consequences for those who engage in sports betting illegally, so once implemented, people will know what to expect.

The fact that three gambling bills are being debated in Michigan is obviously great news, but the fight is far from over. The bills will have to go through a committee and eventually end up in the house, where they will be thoroughly evaluated. It will take a while until a vote will be cast and in the end, the bill will pass to the Senate where it will be analyzed for one last time. If everything goes according to the plan, sometime later this year, the state governor should sign it into law.

Bringing sports betting to Michigan would mean a great deal for state residents, but also Americans living in other states. That’s because they will be encouraged by the success of their countrymen and other states will contemplate the possibility of passing similar laws. The biggest concern right now is that Gov. Rick Snyder chose not to sign the last sports betting bill that made it to his office.