Boyle looking ahead after challenging debut

Despite posting some of the worst stats of any quarterback in Detroit Lions’ history, stand-in Tim Boyle is remaining optimistic after what can only be described as a nightmare debut.

After acknowledging accountability, Boyle still looked ahead stating that there was room for improvement after the Lions 13-11 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Boyle looking ahead after challenging debut


Boyle taking responsibility

“It’s pretty quick after the game here,” Boyle noted in the aftermath of proceedings.

“But the short time I’ve been able to reflect, obviously incredible experience for me. Every play that I got, I was able to mentally bank and grow from. Jared told me early in the week, ‘the first quarter in the first start is kind of a blur,’ and he was 100% right. It just happened quick. You settle into the game.

“But yeah, overall, good experience. But at the end of the day, didn’t play well enough to win and that’ll ultimately falls on me. A lot of room to grow in that department.”

It was somewhat of a boiler room situation for Boyle who was up against a tough Browns offense, though with numbers of 77 yards and zero touchdowns, there is a lot that the fourth-year pro will be keen tp improve on.


Coach Campbell behind his player

Despite the defeat, Lions head coach Dan Campbell was particularly sympathetic towards the debutant, seemingly accepting responsibility for what happened.

“I wanted to be smart,” said Campbell, who has called the offensive plays the last two weeks. “I didn’t want to throw this kid to the wolves. That’s not fair to him, either. I thought for what we asked him to do, he was solid.

He continued: “Look, he was solid, I mean, he ran the offense well. We had no communication errors. He was efficient. Look, he was a little rusty, a couple of those throws. He and (D’Andre) Swift weren’t on the same page on that first interception, and that’s not all him. That’s both of them. The long pick that he had, that was a hell of a throw. Now, you’d like to just pull it inside just a little bit, but he pulled the trigger on it and he gave us a chance.”

For Boyle it his positive attitude could reflect well in the coming weeks and no doubt this can be key for his next few games.