Buccaneers’ Brown accused of obtaining fake Covid card

It is being reported that Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver, Antonio Brown paid for a fake Covid vaccination card.

These are accusations being made by Brown’s ex-live-in chef, Steven Ruiz, who alleged that Brown’s model girlfriend exchanged messages asking whether he could get hold of a fake Covid vaccination card, with Ruiz’ response being “I can try”.

Buccaneers' Brown accused of obtaining fake Covid card

It is worth noting that Ruiz is claiming that Brown owes him an unsettled debt of $10,000.


Brown’s lawyer refutes allegations

Since the reports surfaced, they have been swiftly denied by all parties who are involved with Brown’s girlfriend insisting that she hasn’t corresponded with or even met Ruiz.

Brown’s lawyer, Sean Burstyn texted in a statement: “Antonio Brown appreciates the severity of the pandemic, which is why he got the vaccine and supports everyone for whom it is advisable to get the vaccine.

“Coronavirus has hit close to home as it took him out of a game. He is healthy, vaccinated, and ready to win another Super Bowl.

“One of the worst parts of the pandemic has been a movement to cast doubt on our country’s vaccination programs with baseless, vindictive tabloid gossip.”


Bucs stuck to procedure

Tampa Bay Bucs officials are also insisting that they have followed the necessary protocol throughout the Covid pandemic in terms of testing.

A statement from the organisation explained: “After an extensive educational process conducted throughout our organization this past offseason highlighting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, we received completed vaccination cards from all Tampa Bay Buccaneers players and submitted the required information to the NFL through the established process in accordance with league policy. All vaccination cards were reviewed by Buccaneers personnel and no irregularities were observed.”

It remains to be seen what the conclusion of this will be, though it is a case that is being looked into.