Cavs Mobley’s performance praised by coach

Cleveland Cavaliers’ coach J.B Bickerstaff has paid tribute to 20-year-old Evan Mobley for an improved performance in their 108-105 comeback victory over the Indiana Pacers.

The rookie contributed 24 points in the front office for the Cavs, snatching nine rebounds and contributing four assists, with Mobley putting in a display that Bickerstaff described as “aggressive”.

Mobley exploded out of the blocks for the Cavs, with 10 of his 24 points coming in the first period and was a major influence in putting the Pacers on the back foot straight away.

Cavs Mobley’s performance praised by coach

Mobley continuing to improve

Despite his young age, the player is showing signs that he can be a big influence on the rest of the Cavs season, with Bickerstaff commenting after the game.

“Watching the difference in him tonight and the difference between him in that preseason game and how he was attack-minded and assertive and played through that physicality,” Bickerstaff said, referring to a matchup before the regular season began.

Bickerstaff continued: “When you get to your spot in high school and college you’re not met with that same physicality to get through that bump and into your shot,” Bickerstaff said. “That’s what Evan is seeing now. He gets to his spot, he takes the hit and he can still get to his shot and shoot it the way that he wants to shoot it with his balance. That’s what we saw tonight.”


Mindset key to Mobley

Speaking after the game, the player commented on the difference between college and professional ball, explaining that mindset is important.

“It’s definitely more physical in the NBA than college, also just bigger people in general,” Mobley said. “You’ve just got to hold your own and impose your will, and I feel like I’ve been doing that pretty well so far.”

“I always knew that I could do these types of things,” he said. “Your mindset is definitely one of the main things that excel you or decline you.”