Durant slams Nets after Clippers loss

Following what has been described as an ‘embarrassing’ 120-116 loss by the Brooklyn Nets against the Los Angeles Clippers, by many media outlets, Nets player Kevin Durant has heavily criticised his players.

Speaking after the game that included a complete collapse in the fourth quarter, Durant questioned the attitude of his team, referring to the complacency of a job, many appeared to think was over.

Durant slams Nets after Clippers loss


Attitude all wrong

Durant did not hold back in his analysis of his teammates, which essentially, reportedly echoed those of coach, Steve Nash.

“Like coach said, we didn’t deserve to win this game, we came in here with a f–d up attitude to start, thinking we was just gonna walk up into a W,” said Durant.

“Hopefully a loss like this will sit in your brain until tomorrow.

“Go out there, understand what your job is as an individual, and how you can be the best at that job and how you can bring it to the collective. It’s always abut the collective. So if you ain’t feeling like s–t after this game, then you gotta look yourself in the mirror.”

Despite Australian Kyrie Irving being out, the Nets still have a roster that is more than capable of competing with any team on their day.

Meanwhile, teammate, James Harden added: “We knew it was gonna take some time and it’s still a process, but I feel like we in the right direction, as far as just communication defensively, being on the same page. Offensively, knowing some sets that we can get into with different lineups out there, and then executing,” Harden said.

“That’s pretty much what we’ve been working on, and what’s been happening in these last few games. We’ve got a long way to go. Long way to go,” Harden added. “But we’re definitely in the right direction, and it feels good.”