More U.S states considering legalizing online sports betting

For many years, there were no serious legal initiatives to create a proper framework for sports betting fans to bet legally. Once the wheels were set in motion, progress was made rapidly and the ruling of the Supreme Court provided US states with the much-needed catalyst. Since 2019, the number of states that have legalize or consider legalizing online sports betting has increased rapidly. The American market has tremendous potential for growth and major bookmakers are anxiously waiting to officially enter.

Three states lead by example

Nevada residents were never deprived of the opportunity to bet on sports, as this form of gambling has always been legal in this state. New Jersey and Delaware were relatively new to the party, but they were still the first adopters of legalized sports betting. In this state, players can also enjoy the thrills of online casino games and play poker legally with their neighbors and through state compacts.

At the time the bills to legalize sports betting passed in these states, it appeared that the governors took a leap of faith. Fast forward a few years later and it is now here for most people that the benefits of legalizing sports betting outshine the shortcomings. Truth be told, many punters found alternative ways to bet on sports, even if that meant to circumvent the existing laws.

Instead of bleeding money to offshore bookmakers who offer no protections to players, legalized sports betting companies in the US bring money to state coffers. They are subject to strict regulations and this means that players always have recourse if they are mistreated. Since they are legally allowed to operate, these bookmakers can provide players with a broader spectrum of payment methods.

Mississippi, California and Florida enter the fray

2021 can be the year when the residents of Florida, California and Mississippi will finally be able to bet on online sports legally. These states were on the fence about the advantages of legalizing sports betting, but they are now convincingly swinging in this direction. It appears that legalized online sports betting is only a matter of time and in 2021, this activity could be legal statewide.

There are already many casinos scattered across these states, so the transition to online gambling entertainment feels natural. What helps these states stand out from the crowd is the sheer size of their territory and the high population compared to New Jersey and Delaware. Legalize online sports betting will unlock new opportunities for punters, while also generating a lot of money for the states.

In 2019 and 2020, there were already many instances in which the authorities agrees to make exceptions on certain forms of gambling. Punters were allowed to bet on major events, such as the Super Bowl or the final acts of major e-sports competitions. Since nothing bad happened and the benefits were multiple, these exceptions are going to become the rule in most of the forward thinking US states.