NFL betting online will be huge in 2020

American football is by far the most popular sport in the US, even though it has gained some traction in recent years. The numerous scandals that have eroded the prestige of the league led to a decrease in the number of people watching NFL matches. Even so, there are millions of people following the games on a weekly basis on TV and over the Internet. Some do it for the beauty of the game, others support their local teams, but there are plenty of people who take a gambling angle and are keen on betting on the NFL.

US states soften their stance on gambling

Since the passing of the UIGEA, the gambling industry was on a roller coaster in the US but things are finally looking bright. Some US states have legalized certain forms of gambling and nearly 90% consider a change, so the wheels are definitely in motion. Sports betting is one of the top priorities for lawmakers willing to open up their states to land-based and Internet gambling. As soon as betting on sports is legalized all the top online sports betting sites will be licking their lips. The NFL will be the main beneficiary, because of the popularity of American football.

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the states where people can legally gamble over the Internet and they lead by example. Sports betting has always been legal in Nevada and people from neighboring states sometimes travel here to place their bets. It goes without saying that their own states are losing the money that would normally be spent at local bookmakers and casinos. Shady bookies and offshore gambling operators also eat away at the profits that would normally go to the state coffers.

NFL betting has the potential of being huge nationwide, assuming the states legalize this activity. There are also states that refuse to take meaningful action towards legalizing gambling in general and sports betting in particular. Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Wyoming are not too excited about the prospect of making betting legal statewide. There is, of course, the state of Utah, which is notorious for its anti-gambling stance and betting on sports will probably be illegal here forever.

The US Supreme Court empowers the states

Many US citizens felt betrayed by the laws denying their states the right to decide if legalizing gambling is beneficial for their residents. The US Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down a federal law that outlawed sports betting represents an important milestone. Essentially, it gives the power back to the states, which have the right to decide for themselves how to regulate gambling. Delaware and Mississippi were among the first to pass laws that will make sports betting legal and others are likely to follow suit.

NFL betting online is just one component of the Internet gambling environment, with other American Leagues being popular among punters. People watch and bet routinely on the NBA, NHL and MLB and once Internet gambling is legalized, they’ll be able to place a bet in complete accord with the law.