Sox circle stud reliever Graveman

The Chicago White Sox are reportedly on the verge of signing free agent Kendall Graveman on a three-year deal, in what will be a significant coup for the Illinois side.

It is a market that the White Sox are predicted to be particularly active in during the MLB off-season and Graveman has been identified as the player to kick things off.

Arguably one of the best performers of the 2021 season, the recruitment of Graveman would be a statement-maker for the White Sox, who are also understood to be tracking a number of other premiere free agents.

Sox circle stud reliever Graveman


Substantial offer on the table

It is believed that the White Sox have constructed a deal for Graveman that is in the region of $24 million over three years.

This no doubt indicates that the White Sox are investing in future potential success and will have their eyes on a World Series.

Graveman is being tipped to be the first through the door, though expect more to follow. One of those being tracked by the White Sox, is rumored to be the Blue Jays’ Marcus Semien who showed his worth as a highly effective defensive second baseman last season.

Despite being 31, Semien, as he showed last season, still has a lot to offer and it is easy to see why the White Sox reportedly want him.


World Series winning team in the making?

The White Sox haven’t won the World Series since 2005, though they clearly have ambitions to make a serious push over the next few seasons.

Building a team capable of doing so is obviously the most challenging issue, especially getting the right personnel in to do the job.

Graveman will definitely add something that the White Sox have been missing of late and if they are able to clean up in the free agent market, then a World Series appearance may just happen sooner rather than later.