Summer 2019 Legal Update on Online Gambling USA

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has stopped the advancement of online gambling in the United States in its tracks. Some of the most important gambling operators that were catering for American players have left the country. Casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms that were ready to enter the market were also denied the chance of tapping into its immense potential. Over the years, progress was made, but it was slow and tedious and the road ahead is still long and twisted.

Summer 2019 Legal Update on Online Gambling USA

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware lead by example

The summer of 2019 brings little good news regarding the status of online sports betting USA. More states have jumped on the bandwagon of legalizing online casino games and poker, but the progress is far from impressive. Looking back a few years ago, we can’t help but realize the fact that New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are still far ahead of the other states. Their example was followed by some lawmakers who try to pass gambling bills allowing online casinos to cater for local players.

In the three states mentioned above, players have the advantage of gambling at licensed operators instead of taking huge risks with offshore companies. Not only were they breaking the law, but they enjoyed no recourse if the gambling operator suddenly decided not to uphold its and of the deal. Licensed casinos are held to the highest standards by the authorities, have the games tested and offer secure payment methods. Problem gamblers are provided with the assistance they need early on and they are referred to counseling groups when they feel like losing control.

The Supreme Court Lends a Helping Hand

The best case scenario for players and online casinos willing to cater to Americans is to have gambling legalized nationwide. In the summer of 2019, this looks like nothing more than wishful thinking, since there is strong opposition to gambling in many states. On the bright side, the Supreme Court has made it easier for liberal states willing to pass gambling laws, by allowing them to determine their status. It is now up to state legislators to analyze the advantages and shortcomings before passing the laws that would regulate gambling statewide.

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware provide great models, as they have dealt with many of the common obstacles. Live US-based poker websites in Nevada can provide games legally to state residents and several local casinos have decided to pitch in. New Jersey and Delaware have their own interstate compacts, so players from both states can play together and build a larger community.

Sports betting fans are without a doubt the most upset by the current gambling climate in the US, as they can’t wager online. Certain land-based establishments offer legal sports betting alternatives, but only on greyhound and horse racing. Given the popularity of American sports such as the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL, these limitations feel capricious and arbitrary. The bottom line is that we are still a long way to go from legally enjoying gambling in the United States.


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