The future of mobile sports betting in the USA

The recent growth of the sports betting industry on a global scale can largely be explained by the advancements made by mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are widespread and powerful enough to run the best casino games and also to facilitate betting on sports. Bookmakers were quick to adjust their websites to run smoothly on handheld devices and even offer incentives to those who switch to mobile gambling. The US is the largest consumer of technology and its citizens are quick to embrace the latest devices, so there’s tremendous potential for growth for the mobile sports betting industry.

Legal obstacles hamstring mobile sports betting

At the time of writing, legal concerns prevent the mobile sports betting industry from reaching its full potential in the USA. Only a handful of states have legalized online gambling and there are few places where people can bet on their favorite sports in complete accord with the law. The good news is that more states contemplate the possibility of passing gambling bills and there’s a strong trend building in this direction. In the absence of proper laws, players can either bet at shady bookies or offshore operators.

The biggest international bookmakers would be happy to tap into the immense potential of the US sports betting industry. They run transparent and legal businesses, so they are reluctant to enter an unregulated market or operate at the very edge of legality. On the bright side, they have the technology, experience and desire to bring mobile sports betting to the fingertips of millions of enthusiastic Americans. Once the legal obstacles are removed, these bookmakers will flock to the US market and propel it to new highs.

Mobile devices are perfect for sports betting

Several states have announced their intention to pass gambling bills that will restore the legality of sports betting. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a federal ban, individual states have started the process of legalizing gambling. West Virginia, Rhode Island, Iowa and Indiana are the latest states to make online sports betting legal. Meanwhile, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, Washington, Nebraska, South Carolina, Vermont, Idaho and Georgia continue to show no interest and the state of Utah is likely to be the last bastion of resistance.

The good news is that the advancements of technology are unstoppable and mobile devices continue to set new milestones every year. The latest handheld gadgets are so powerful that they can easily run even the most demanding games. Casino games are no match for their processing power and players can download and run a sports betting app on smartphones and tablets. An overwhelming majority of Americans own at least one mobile device, so they are literally just one click away from setting up an account. Once the legal barriers will be removed, the future of mobile sports betting in the USA will be bright.