Vegasino to launch in US to revolutionise iGaming experience

In a bid to disrupt the US online casino experience, the launch of new site Vegasino is bidding to transform the crypto gaming industry in the US.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become one of the biggest crazes in the world, something which the iGaming industry has been keen to capitalize on.

A number of operators around the world have already integrated this as a payment method, while, there are some crypto-only casinos as well. However, it appears that there is definitely a gap in the market to improve the current offering of what is available.

With the growth of the US online gambling industry over the last couple of years in addition to the developments and improvements in technology, the opportunity for a specialist crypto casino is certainly there.

Cryptocurrency Casino Concept


Redefining the cryptocurrency casino experience

With the launch of Vegasino, the founding team will look to focus purely on what the customer wants, leveraging all of the advantages and benefits of what a crypto casino can be like.

Launching on the Binance Smart Chain, with the platform having multichain support – one which accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, while the team aim to address existing limitations and issues surrounding the current experience that crypto-focused online gamblers have.

The Chief Technology Officer at Vegasino who goes by ‘Kajrak’ revealed: “We took what we learned from Nevada and put it together with our users’ feedback to create something that will be truly a game-changer in the space.”

Meanwhile, Chief Finance Officer Starkess’, added what needs to be done effectively to make sure that the brand takes off: “Good marketing is essential for any project to succeed and our business model allows the casino to market itself. We are truly excited with all the partnerships we have in the works.”


Can the US market become crypto iGaming specialists?

Considering the technology talent that is available in the US, when factoring in Silicon Valley, there is no reason why the country cannot become leaders in what is currently a very small, yet potentially lucrative niche of the wider iGaming industry.

Vegasino certainly appears that they could be right at the forefront of this radicalization, which if successful, because of having the correct marketing approach may be worth the gamble.