Virginia set to break $3 billion mark for 2021

Following the release of a revenue report from the Virginia Lottery, it has been revealed that operators took $402.6 million for the month of November.

A record October, due to a busy NFL fixture schedule, led to staggering numbers in terms of sports betting, despite gamblers in the state winning $354.2 million, which contributed a combined win percentage of 12.01 per cent – an increase compared to the previous month’s 7.06 per cent.

Since January 2021 when online sports betting was launched in Virginia, residents in the state, who participate in sports betting, have won $2.8 billion, with the final figures for December yet to be revealed.

Virginia set to break $3 billion mark for 2021


Biggest state in the union for sports betting?

While these figures are no doubt impressive – especially for a state that does not have any major league sports franchises, there are others that are substantially ahead – Michigan is one that has been impressive, since launching in January 2020 – continuously breaking monthly records.

Established states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two of the heavyweights, not just for sports betting, but also for online casino, while Colorado and the recently regulated Illinois are also starting to show signs of potency.

However, one that is certainly one to watch over the next 12 months is New York, with many predicting that this will become the number one state for sports betting, in terms of state revenue, even overtaking New Jersey.

Despite this though, Virginia’s figures for 2021 is a sign that the online sports betting industry in the US could well become one of the biggest in the world and with more and more sportsbooks applying for licenses, via partnerships with local casinos, this makes it particularly key.

Already in Virginia, there are 10 licensed sportsbooks – in addition to the big two of DraftKings and FanDuel, enthusiasts also have UK giants, Bet365 and BetMGM among a number of others to choose from, all of which have a variety of different offers and promotions.