What sports can you bet on in Vegas?

The state of Nevada was a pioneer in sports betting, as one of the few places in the US where this type of gambling was always legal. Its residents can consider themselves lucky to enjoy this preferential treatment, while their counterparts from other states are counting on lawmakers to make incremental progress. Local casinos and gambling operators allow players to bet on a plethora of sports and they can also do it over the Internet, for enhanced convenience.

Bet on the most popular sports in Vegas

Las Vegas casinos strive to provide their punters with access to the finest games available, just like their international counterparts. American sports are not surprisingly at the top of the list, since they have the most fans among local punters. Soccer, tennis, golf, motor racing and international tournaments such as the Olympics are also covered. Online bookmakers published the odds sometime in advance, so those who want to bet on these games well before they begin have this option at Vegas gambling operators.

Ideally, players should focus on the sports they know the best, but this doesn’t mean they have to give up most of their options. That’s because Las Vegas bookmakers provide them with a nice diversity of betting markets, ranging from mainstream to niche ones. Betting on the outright winner and the team to lead at half time or at the end of each period is to be expected on all the aforementioned sports.

Things get far more exciting for those who take their chance with special markets, as long as they can handle the pressure. Each sport has its particularity, so while handicap betting is possible in most cases, other markets are specific to individual sports. Punters can bet on the next goals scored, the number of penalties in hockey, the total number of yellow and red cards in soccer and the number of aces and double faults in tennis. These are just some examples to illustrate the diversity of sports betting.

Where can you bet in Las Vegas?

Nevada has made sports betting legal for decades, but this doesn’t mean that there are no differences between Las Vegas bookmakers. They are located in casinos and contrary to popular belief, they don’t occupy a lot of space. Compared to the size of the casino, the area reserved to sports betting is rather small, but this isn’t a big concern for enthusiastic punters. The best case scenario is to be also provided with the chance to bet in locations that also have viewing screens for watching the games live.

Over the Internet, everything is better, as punters enjoy access to more sports, higher number of betting markets and superior access. Online bookmakers also have the advantage of offering bonuses and running various promotions for those who join their ranks and make a deposit. The bottom line is that Nevada is of the best US states for sports betting enthusiasts, providing them with multiple betting options.