What states is it legal to bet on sports?

Sports betting is yet to be legalized in most US states, but huge progress was made in 2020. The Supreme Court’s decision to give the power back to the states in this matter represents an important milestone and it encourages lawmakers to act. There is tremendous interest for the US market, with both local and international gambling operators waiting for an opportunity to cater for local players.

Nevada is the states to be for sports betting

Las Vegas casinos have attracted gamblers from all over the world for decades and they continue to provide the ultimate thrills. Sports betting has always been legal in Nevada and not only state residents, but also people from neighboring countries come here to gamble. Reno and Lake Tahoe are worthy alternatives for those living in Nevada or visiting the state who don’t make it all the way to Las Vegas.

Online sports betting is also permitted here, Nevada has led by example to encourage other states on the East Coast. New Jersey and Delaware were quick to jump on the bandwagon and they did so even before the Supreme Court’s decision. Online casinos allow state residents to bet online and they can also play poker from the comfort of their home. These are smaller states with lower population, but because of the interstate compacts, the community of punters is large enough to make things work.

Mississippi, California and Florida are next

Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are regarded as success stories by residents of other US countries. Mississippi already has several popular casinos, such as the. Silver Slipper Sasino, Margaritaville and Bally’s Tunica, so online sports betting and poker should be next. State coffers benefit greatly from the influx of capital coming from the taxes paid by a regulated gambling industry.

California and Florida are the big prizes for the proponents of legalize sports betting, because of their sheer size and population. Even though they are not known for gambling, these two states are home to many casinos, with more than 100 scattered all across California. At some of these casinos, it is possible to bet on sports and with some of the best pro teams located here, there’s tremendous interest. Lawmakers are also starting to realize the perks of legalizing the industry and gambling bill’s are considered.

Legalizing casino games took less than making sports betting illegal, but it looks like things will even out in the end. American punters are already betting massively on sports as they always did, even in the absence of proper laws. The downside is that in the absence of a legalized gambling environment, players have to take chances with shady operators. When they become the victims of scam, they have no recourse and the profits made from gambling are not taxed either, so a lot of revenue is being lost.