William Hill debuts bringing sports betting inside U.S. stadiums

American sports betting fans have been waiting for more than a decade to lawfully bet on sports. The negative effects of the UIGEA still reverberate today, but things are definitely moving in the right direction. In many states, sports betting was legalized and many more are expected to follow suit. This caught the eye of international gambling groups, including the biggest names in sports betting. Companies such as William Hill are ready to return to US shores and cater to local players.

William Hill sports book comes to Washington

The Capital One Arena is the new home of William Hill in the United States. The prestigious gambling operator has opened shop at this US arena as it prepares to expand its operations on American soil. The partnership with Caesars Entertainment has so far proved fruitful for the bookmaker and the future looks particularly bright. This also sends a clear signal to sports owners that partnerships with sports betting companies can be lucrative when done right.

The decision to choose these venues for sports betting isn’t arbitrary, as it is perfect for hosting a bookmaker. Punters will feel comfortable stepping inside such a place and betting with one of the most prestigious gambling brands in the world. It also gives them a sense of legitimacy, knowing that they place a bet with a licensed and regulated operator. This has been the greatest concern for US punters who were deprived of the chance to bet legally. Until recently many chose unlicensed, offshore gambling operators that would accept Americans, but give them no guarantees.

Massive betting opportunities for Washington punters

William Hill brings its unmatched expertise to American shores and provides local players with a secure environment for gambling. In the 18,000 square-foot venues, players will be able to bet on sports using up to 20 betting windows and many self-serve kiosks. It is a breath of fresh air for punters who can now bet on their favorite sports at competitive odds and in a secure environment. It is likely to serve as a source of inspiration for other bookmakers to join the fray and open shop in one of these arenas.

The US Supreme Court has the merit of overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The law that prohibited states from offering sports betting services legally has been repelled. This paves the way for states that realize the upsides of legalizing sports betting to walk down this path. For the time being, William Hill Sportsbook is the only new business to open in downtown Washington since the pandemic started. This sends a strong signal to both gambling ventures and local sports betting fans.

The future looks particularly bright because the major sports leagues are signing agreements with betting companies. The MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA have either jumped on the bandwagon or are about to sign such deals. These are the most popular sports among US punters, and they would be delighted to have the chance to legally bet on such events.